Short Term Property Management  We believe travelling is the best way to learn about the world.  If you are interest in creating opening your homes to travelers, feel free to contact us. We have all your answers from housekeeping to customer service support. We bring freedom to your hosting duties & freedom from your worries.  Hosting  On the other end of the spectrum, we believe that through our unique hosting experience - our customers get to live in a beautiful home while seeing the gems of the city. Like meeting an old friend in a new world, we are here to show you what the culture & scene has to offer.  Collaboration Opp. With our ears to the streets, we have a pulse on what the city has to offer. Stayingold is a lifestyle and through our space, we hope to bringforth a unique stay for you. Are ears are always open to unique collaborations, so feel free to shoot us a message.
房源评定签约前针对房源的位置、户型、周边环境等条件进行考评,综合考评结果制定民宿改造方案 设计升级专业设计师提供客制/定制化的前沿民宿设计方案并由合作装修公司实施所有的筹建工作或是風格軟裝. * Condo 設計費 * Studio * One bedroom * Two bedroom Start from 35000 TWD / Baht up * 裝修budget * Studio * 1 bed * 2 bed Start from 250,000 TWD / Baht up 托管运营 
StayinGOLD 提供民宿一站式托管服务,包括且不限于专业保洁、渠道营销和房屋维护等 透明收益每月初发送前个月的运营账单及净收益给房东,房东可通过平台实时查看运营状态和收支明细 福利 * 高于长租收益平均收益比长租高30%-200% * 专业设计改造
 * 房屋全面保护專業連繫篩選,住客水准较高 * 省心省力无需参加日常民宿运营即可获得高收益